Early Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus in Men

Diabetes is a common disease which the obese people are more likely to get. The illness condition is easy to be under control if it is confirmed early. Some patients especially those elder ones, who do not present very typical symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus,can miss the best time to receive treatment. The following are the symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus for men.

1. Peripheral Neuritis: it mainly presents as numbness in shoulders, hands or feet; tingling or burning in the arms and legs; one may not notice when they step on something sharp because the loss of the sense of touch.

2. Difficulty in urination: this symptom often occurs in men with Diabetes Mellitus. The other cause might be the prostate hypertrophy.

3. Impotence: men with Diabetes Mellitus are very likely to accompany with impotence. The rate is up to 40%-60%.

4. Rhomboid glossitis: the lingual papilla in the middle of the tongue shrinks.

5. Halitosis: blood sugar and bad breath are related, which can lead to mouth odor.

6. Glycosuria: there are a lot of bubbles in the urine, meaning the body is trying to get rid of something that causes bubbles.

7. Eye disease: visual deterioration and blurred vision occur or the cataract and glaucoma appear and progress rapidly.

8. Low blood sugar level: patients are easy to sweat especially in the local parts. Excessive hunger, dizziness and palpitation occur frequently.

9. Fatigue: even they are having a rest, they still feel tired.

10. Skin disease: the skin is easy to grow spore and easy to get infection which is difficult to heal.

11. Intermittent claudicationa: patients feel hurt in lower limbs when they walk.

12. Excessive thirst: patients always feel thirst.

13. Frequent urination.

The above are the main manifestations of Diabetes Mellitus for men. If you have the above symptoms, you should go and take examinations for fear the complications of Diabetes Mellitus, which are cardiovascular disease, renal failure and so on.

However, once the Diabetes is diagnosed, please go and receive treatment immediately. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our online experts.

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