What’s the Damage of Diabetic Nephropathy?

Diabetic Nephropathy is a common disease for people having ten years of Diabetes, and it affects diabetics’ health seriously, let’s have a look at the damages of Diabetic Nephropathy below:

What’s the cause of Diabetic Nephropathy? Glucose is the sugar of blood. It could supply energy for body, and glucose will not play a role only if it enters into muscle cell. Only liver stores enough sugar, could the normal function be ensured. It is difficult for all of glucose of diabetics’ blood to enter into muscle cells and kidney cells, and most of them were discharged through urine. To ensure the need of energy for body, body has to discompose the sugar of muscle, liver and the fat of body. If Diabetic Nephropathy couldn’t be treated, it means that diabetics are “eating” themselves.

Symptoms of diabetics are polyphagia, polyuria, polydipsia, but they becoming emaciated day by day.

From the symptoms above of diabetics we could see that, once been attacked by Diabetic Nephropathy, it is hard to control the speed of deterioration of Diabetic Nephropathy condition. Therefore, early diagnosis and early treatment are critical in preventing the normal progression to diabetic renal failure and uremia, thus life quality of the people with Diabetic Nephropathy could be improved fundamentally.

1. It could not lead to sudden death as easily as heart disease, but this disease has become the primary cause of death among diabetics. Clinically, most of deaths due to Diabetic Nephropathy are typeⅠDiabetics. For young morbidity age of typeⅠDiabetics, rather fast progression, poor kidney function, there will be heart lesion, blood vessel of brain lesion and kidney lesion on type ⅠDiabetics at last. Nephropathy surely leads to disablement, taking dialysis as an example, dialyzed patients couldn’t live as normal people. In addition, nephrotics will die earlier definitely. If a person is attacked by uremia in his twenties, it is almost sure that he couldn’t live so long as a normal life span. It tells us that damages of Diabetic Nephropathy are tremendous, timely treatment must be taken.

2. Patients will have mental pressure, physical inconvenient and pain. There will be diet taboo of patients. Thus patients’ life quality will inevitably be lowered down. Patients will often feel pain in the back, feeble, poor physical strength.

3. Patients need to be nursed by families, but his family’s productive labor will be influenced. This is also a waste of manpower resource.

4. It will result in huge economic waste. Such as dialysis, normal nephrotics will dialyze twice weekly. There will be more wastes in blood if one does less dialysis, and patients will feel sick. Even if patients have medical insurance, it will be a huge medical waste for country.

The people with Diabetic Nephropathy should be treated fundamentally. At present Immunotherapyation combined with special Chinese medicine is the best therapy to treat Diabetic Nephropathy. It could make patients away from damage of Diabetic Nephropathy fundamentally and damage of other Diabetes complications.

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