Nine Symptoms Indicate People Suffer from Diabetes

In recent years, there are increasing people who are suffering from Diabetes. However, most of them found they had got Diabetes after they had an accidental examination and therefore timely treatment is missed. So how to know whether we get Diabetes as soon as possible? In this passage, we will explain it in detail. Generally, people with Diabetes have the following symptoms:

1. People with Diabetes will change their diet. They will find that they eat much more than before. However, to our surprise, they can not feel full. What's worse, they become thinner and thinner and feel weakness. Even that they drink much water, they will feel thirsty. In addition, urine increases with water increasing.

2. Patients with Diabetes have reddish faces. From the investigation among thousands of patients with Latent Diabetes, we get a conclusion that the majority of them have redder faces than those without any disease. Exactly speaking, 89.5 of them show redder faces to different degree.

3. Patients with Latent Diabetes have blisters in hand, feet, toes, and crus. However, the blisters do not make people feel itch and pain.

4. Mothpatch appears at the front of tibia among those with light Diabetes. Some 10% of them will merge diabetic neuropathies.

5. Granuloma in the back of hand and foot. At the early stage, people with Diabetes have reddish granuloma, which is as small as nail, and feels hard.

6. Skin itch. 10% of people with Diabetes have partial itch or itch in the whole body. What's more, the itch is persistent, especially in the private parts or anus.

7. Diamond glossitis. About 2/3 people with recessive Diabetes have unexplained pain in tongue.

8. Patients with Diabetes have pain in the limbs, foot, and joints. Sometimes, they feel numb in the limbs, like a needle stabbing, and with sensation of burning every now and then.

9. Intermittent claudication. Patients often have pain in lower limb and toes after walking. Only when they have a rest can they get rid of it. This phenomenon is called "Intermittent claudication". Some of the above mentioned are the symptoms of Diabetes, and some are complications of other diseases. If people find these symptoms, they should examine the blood glucose and urine glucose. What's more, patients with Hypertension and coronary heart disease are more likely to have Diabetes.

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