Signs and Symptoms of Early Stage Female Kidney Disease

Following are the early symptoms and signs of female Kidney Diseases

1. Foam

There are a lot of foams in the urine and they will last for a long time, which means there are proteins in the urine.

2. The color of Urine

If the color of urine presents to be dark brown, color of water where flesh is washed, the color of soy sauce or muddy, you should go to have an examination soon. Hematuria (Blood in Urine) might have presented.

3. Excessive Urine or little urine

The normal urine is 1500ml per day in the frequency of 4-8 times. If there is a sharp decrease or increase of urine without fever, mass sweating or excessive water intake, people should go to hospital to have a check.

4. Urination at night

Generally, the normal people under 60 years old do not have urination at night. If so, the kidney function might have damaged.

5. Swelling

There can be swelling in face or eyelid in the morning and they will disappear naturally.

6. Backache

If there is backache without specific reasons, the kidneys and spine should be checked.

What is more, other signs like feeling sick, fatigue, and loss of appetite can also remind you to have a check.

It is not difficult to notice these early signs and symptoms in the early stage. If we can find them in time and take measures immediately, kidney disease can be prevented and cured.

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