What are Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes in Women

Loss of weight

This is common among the type 1 diabetes in women. Organism cannot make full use of glucose because of insufficient insulin which leads to fat and protein's accelerating decomposition so as to supplement energy and heat. As a result, internal carbohydrate, fat, and protein are consumed in large amount. Together with loss of water, you may have weight loss.

Frequent urination

Women with Diabetes often feel the necessity to visit the restroom within very short amounts of time because your body tries to eliminate the extra glucose by the urine.

Excessive thirst

Increased urination causes too much lose of water which leads to the intracellular dehydration. Thirsty centrum is stimulated, so you need drink large amount of water frequently.

Excessive appetite

With large amount loss of urine sugar, your body will maintain a semi-starvation state. To supplement the deficient energy, the appetite increases. Meanwhile high blood sugar stimulates the insulin secretion, you will feel hungry easily.

Urinary system infections

Many women with Diabetes suffer from skin disease, yeast infection and urinary system infections.

Sex Problems

Sexual disorder may also exist in women with diabetes who feel discomfort or pain while involving in sexual activity, decreased vaginal sensitivity and vaginal lubrication, and also a wherewithal to attain orgasm.

Pregnancy of macrosomia

The increased glucose in your blood can enter into fetus' body through the placenta. The fetus will be exposed to a long-term high blood glucose condition, which activates secretion of insulin and promotes the synthesis of glycogen, fat and protein. As a result, macrosomia appears due to factors of accumulation fat, enlarged viscera organs and increases weight.

The best way to deal with diabetes is to reduce the risk factors which include maintain a healthy weight, stop smoking if you smoke, and do exercises regularly. Early detection and timely treatment are very important. If you need help, please contact us. We are glad to help you.

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