Symptoms of Diabetic Skin Disease

1. Skin itching

Skin itching such as dry skin and desquamation appears in 7 to 8 percent of patients; female patients often suffer from vaginal itching, which is in relation to stimulation of urine glucose to skin and mucous membrane.

2. Facial skin redness

Caused by reduced elasticity of blood vessels, facial capillary blood vessels expand, showing congestion and redness of skin or even pink rash.

3. Abnormal skin sweating

Less sweating or abnormal sweat increase appears in focal arms or legs, which is related to microvascular lesions and vegetative nervous system dysfunction.

4. Skin infections

Due to elevated blood glucose, skin sugar sugar content increases, which offers a good living environment for leaf mold and bacteria infections.

5. Diabetic tetter

Diabetic tetter occurs on front leg, in the beginning, there exist round or oval dark red papules with diameter of 0.3 cm. The tetters can be distributed or gathered together with danders on the surface. Focal atrophy and pigmentation appears after tetters disappear.

6. Folliculitis, furuncles and carbuncles

Folliculitis with pus head can occur in the neck and the occipital, later folliculitis can develop into furuncles and carbuncles, which is caused by staphylococcus aureus skin infections as a result of increased sugar content in the skin.

7. Skin xanthomus

Small flocks of yellow nodules and small tumors suddenly appear on the skin, which is caused by deposition of cholesterol substances induced by lipid metabolism disorders.

Above all are the symptoms of Diabetic skin diseases. The basic way to prevent Diabetic skin diseases is to control your blood glucose and blood sugar from daily life.

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