Dry Mouth in Diabetics: Causes, Symptoms and Nursing

Causes of dry mouth in Diabetics

1.Dry mouth may be a side effect of medications being applied to control Diabetes. Also, several patients take medicines to keep a control on their blood pressure and to prevent heart disease that may be triggered by diabetes. These are also known to cause dry mouth in patients.

2. Diabetics are prone to dehydration, which may result in dry mouth.

3. Even kidney problems may be a result of diabetes, thereby throwing the level of hydration in the body off balance. One of the result is dehydration.

Symptoms of dry mouth in Diabetics

1.A lack of moisture in the mouth

2.Irritation at the corners of the mouth

3.Inflammation of the gums (gingivitis)

4.Yeast infections(thrush) on the tongue, cheeks and palate

Nursing for dry mouth

1.Manage your blood sugar on a daily basis can help monitor the blood levels of glucose through proper diet, exercise and medications.

2.Avoid eating foods that are rich in sugar, as well as in salt. Because sugar make the mouth more susceptible to cavities and salt can result in dehydration. Also stay away from citrus juices.

3. Clean your teeth after each meal and before bed as diabetes may lower your resistance to disease. If you wear dentures, remove them and brush them thoroughly after every meal.

4.Keep yourself hydrated and carry water with you

5.Use a non-alcoholic mouthwash

6.Use of lip balm is recommended if you have dry or irritated lips (particularly at the corners)

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