Parent Needs to Know about Common Symptoms of Diabetes in Children

Frequent urination. It is a classic sign of children Diabetes. Blood glucose levels rises because it cannot reach the cells. Extra sugar builds up in the bloodstream and urine volume increases. This is why your child has frequent urination.

Increases thirst. As the body’s urination increases, your child loses too much water and may present intracellular dehydration. Thirsty centrum is stimulated and he will drink large amount of water for many times. So they are drinking more because they are urinating more.

Increased hunger. Due to large amount loss of urine sugar, the child need to supplement energy and they feel hungry all the time.

Weight loss. Internal lack of water and high level of blood glucose make it impossible for body to accelerate the decomposition of fat and protein which can supplement heat and energy. Your child becomes thinner gradually because massive consumption of internal carbohydrate, fat and protein.

Besides, pay attention to symptoms like stomach aches, fatigue, abnormal behavior, recurrent tummy pains and blurred vision which are potential manifestations of Diabetes in children. Keeping a strict eye on the condition of your child and aware that children with diabetes have diet restrictions and their activity should be monitored closely.

Understanding what are early symptoms of Diabetes in children, being adaptable and patient, are essential to successfully managing the disease. Effective treatment can reverse Diabetes in the early stage. Do not be too worried and you can resort to us for advice.

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