Eye Disease in Diabetes

Diabetes has many complications such as eye disease, which may lead to blurring of image and even losing one's sight. A variety of eye disease caused by Diabetes are such as keratohelcosis, glaucoma, vitreous hemorrhage, LHON. Diabetic retinopathy is the most common one, which accounts for 21 to 36 of those with Diabetes. In other words, it has much serious influence on eyesight. Generally, the longer time patients suffer from Diabetes, the more serious the eye problem will be. Besides diabetic retinopathy, Diabetes causes the following other eye problems.

1. Myopia. Patients who had no myopia before have got it and those who have got myopia have serious myopia after getting Diabetes.

2. Ptosis of eyelid. Old people have a rapid onset of eyelid ptosis. The ptosis often occurs on either side together with pain in face. At the same time, the ocular movement is limited. In this case, patients should see a doctor at once to get a scientific diagnosis.

3. Cataract. The eyesight declines gradually.

4. Paralytic strabismus. It usually takes place immediately, and patients feel dizzy. Some even feel sick, and vomit. Once it occurs, patients should have an examination in hospital as soon as possible.

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