Stem Cell Transplant to Treat Kidney Diseases

After the stem cell enters into the patient’s body, the focus in the kidney will send some signal to attract the stem cell. After the stem cells arrive at the renal focus, they will generate a large number of progeny cells same as themselves, these progeny cells will continue to differentiate every kind of cells, renal tissues, and renal blood vessels needed by kidneys, so as to improve the partial microcirculation of kidney, decrease the high-pressure in the glomerulus, relieve the status of ischemia and anoxia, and make the general blood circulation recover and improve gradually. Some active factors released by stem cell can stimulate renal cells to excrete erythropoietin, which can promote the generation of red blood cells. By this way, the status of anemia in body will be relieved. In addition, the stem cell can inhibit the immune response, differentiate immune cells, and adjust the immune system to become normal, so as to achieve the purpose of restore kidney.

The effect of Stem Cell Transplant treatment technology in treating Diabetic Nephropathy

The stem cell has two specialties, one is self –renewal over many generations, that is unlimited division. Another is unlimited multi-directional differentiation. In clinical, it is found that there are five effects for Stem Cell Transplant to treat Diabetic Nephropathy: First, the stem cell can be target-planted in the damaged renal focus and play the function of division. Second, form capillary to improve partial microcirculation. Third, excrete a series of nutritional stimulating factors to activate the damaged renal cells, entering into repaired status. Forth, improve the damaged immune function. Fifth, the damaged inherent cells present the behavior of repair and restore. For Diabetic Nephropathy is caused by Diabetes, stem cells can greatly repair the damaged pancreas and advocate them to secrete more insulin, so insulin secretion can be improved. And stem cells can also regenerate many new cells, so the number of functional cells will become more and more, and gradually the kidney function will also get improved.

As for early-stage primary Kidney Disease patient, to treat by Stem Cell Transplant, if treated in time and correctly closely combining other treatment methods, there will be clinical effects such as, the target will turn negative and the kidney cells will be repaired to normal. As for secondary Kidney Disease, an early treatment by Stem Cell will have an effect such as improving the illness condition of both primary and secondary disease.

Well, are there any side effects by using Stem Cell Transplant to treat Kidney Disease?

The Stem Cell Transplant Center in our hospital mainly uses umbilical cord blood Stem Cells and Umbilical Mesenchymal Stem Cells.

The clinical applications have shown that there is hardly side effect in treating Kidney Disease by Stem Cell Transplant. Seeing from about more than one thousand cases of Kidney Disease treated by Stem Cell transplant, the side effect is almost ZERO. Compared with Renal Transplant and dialysis, it should be nothing because its side effect is far lower than them.

Kindly reminder: Except the modern Stem Cell Transplant, our hospital also combine it with our Chinese medicine treatment method——Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, a kind of innovative treatment method, treating inner illness externally, with no operation or taking medicine. Its advantage is to make the Chinese medicine take effect quickly and there is no side effect. In addition, our hospital also has a Blood Purification Systems, the core of which is Immun Adsorption, so we can do dialysis for the patient who has somewhat dependence on dialysis.

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