New Way to Treat Diabetes with Stem Cell Transplant

Diabetes Mellitus is caused by the decline of islet cells’ function or by the absolute or relative shortage of insulin secretion due to insulin resistance. Thereby, it is a new thought to stop the decline of cell function, and then increase cell number, and save and repair pancreas islet function to the full extent.

Stem cell is the best seed cell to repair the islet cell with its unique biological characteristics, that is, strong self- updating ability and multi-directional differentiation potentials, which provides a brand new way to clinical treatment of Diabetes.

At present, Stem Cells Transplant Centre has the special laboratory up to GMP standard and the characteristic technologies such as stem cell collection, separation, purification, induction and culture etc. There are 10 technical personnel including 3 senior professional titles, 2 doctors, 3 masters. According to the different illness condition of patients, Cord Blood Stem Cells, Umbilical Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Bone Marrow Stem Cells can be supplied for patients.

In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, there are many advanced facilities like Forma* 700 Series Ultra-Low Temperature Chest Freezers , Sorvall* ST 16 Centrifuge Series, BD FACSCanto II flow cytometer, Heracell* 150i and 240i CO2 Incubators etc. making sure that the stem cells cultured are the best and can exert the best function.

In recent years, Stem Cells Transplant of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital has gained great success for treating Kidney Diseases, especially for Diabetes, and Diabetic Complications etc.

Stem Cell Transplant as an advanced technology in biological field is a milestone in life science research and clinical application.

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