Stem Cells, an Effective Treatment for Diabetes

A case of diabetes:

A 19-year old girl has had diabetes for five years with diabetes family history. She was very weak and thin with delayed development. She had loss of appetite, eyelid and low limbs edema. B-ultrasound showed that two kidneys had diffuse lesion and a few ascites. Glycosylated hemoglobin is 11.6 %( the normal is 4.1-6.5%) and blood sugar was 15.6mmol/l. she said blood sugar would rise to as high as 22 mmol/L (the normal is less than <7mmol/L) and was unstable.

Firstly, it is needed to reduce the blood sugar with insulin three times one day. And then three days later, she received Stem Cell Transplant. She felt very well and had good appetite, improved mental state, eyelid and low limbs edema disappearing. The blood sugar was 9.2 mmol/L tested one week after stem cell transplant. On the fifth day, she said the insulin injected was 7 u/d. Both blood-fasting sugar and postprandial blood sugar were normal. She had normal appetite and no other ailing. Two month later, she stopped insulin injection and the blood sugar was 6.7mmol/l.

Learn from this case that stem cells can differentiate into beta cells which can produce more insulin. Stem cells have the ability to self-renew to produce more cells which replace the damaged ones. After the treatment, the dose of insulin and blood sugar decrease in different degrees

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