Is There Any Effective Therapeutic Method for Diabetes in Children?

What is Diabetes in Children?

A majority of Diabetes in Children belongs to Type 1 Diabetes, and the rest is Type 2 Diabetes. Due to combination of genetic factor and external environment, islet cells in body are damaged and can not secrete insulin normally, which results in rising blood glucose. Generally, the harm is relatively serious because of children’s low cognition and critical period to grow.

What are conventional therapeutic methods?

1. Insulin therapy: As we all know, the most effective treatment for Type 1 Diabetes is Insulin therapy which can effectively control blood sugar. As a common used treatment, long-term injection will bring harm to children and affect their physical and psychological health.

2. Medical treatment: It can also effectively control the blood glucose and is relatively convenient, which gets a lot of favor. However, it has bad effect due to oral medicine’s side effect.

Conventional therapy has both advantages and disadvantages, but we must continue to adopt treatment. While people are forced to accept the reality, Stem Cell Transplantation presents which brings us surprise and hope. It treats Diabetes and other complications from pathological causes and also brings pleasant surprise.

Then, how to treat diabetes by Stem Cell Transplantation?

As a kind of original and haven’t completely differentiated cells, stem cells have measureless self-replication and multi-differentiation abilities. By making use of their homing characteristic, Stem Cells can reach the nidus, repair and regenerate insulin cells, and regain insulin β cell’s function to secrete insulin. In this way, blood glucose can gradually maintain stable and treat Diabetes in Children finally.

We can treat the diabetes through Stem Cell Transplantation. The more important thing is that Stem Cell Transplant is a kind of safe biotherapy without toxic side effect and takes no bad effects to the children. With strong ability, stem cells bring hope to more and more patients. So we consider Stem Cell Transplant as the most effective and safe methods for Diabetes in Children.

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