Type 1 Diabetes is not that horrible due to Stem Cells

This is from a father whose son develops type 1 diabetes.

In this article, I am going to tell all the patients with type 1 diabetes that it is no longer horrible if you develop diabetes due to stem cells.

Presently, stem cells are a very good and effective treatment for diabetes. Stem cells therapy has already been successfully used to treat diabetes in China. In 2009 the researchers have used injections of stem cells to reverse the course of type 1 diabetes, reports a search team from the University of São Paulo in Brazil and Northwestern University in Chicago. Dr. Richard Burt, one of the coauthors from Northwestern University said it appears we changed the natural history of the disease. It is the first therapy for patients that leaves them treatment-free- no insulin, no immune suppression for almost five years.

Stem cells are unspecialized cells which can produce more specialized cells. They can differentiate into various types of stem cells in the body. They can produce the beta cells to increase the insulin production. Stem cells can give long-lasting beta cells a chance to grow. After the treatment, C-peptide is improved and dose of insulin and blood glucose levels decreases.

Therefore, type 1 diabetes is no longer horrible due to stem cells.

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