Is There Permanent Solution to Diabetes

Stem Cells are immature cells which can differentiate into mature cells. All kinds of stem cells have three general features:they are unspecialized; they are able to divide and renew themselves without limit; they can differentiate into various types of cells. Under right condition in the laboratory or in the body, they can differentiate into desired cells to replace the damaged ones. As a repair system, stem cells can divide without limit to replenish other cells. Each new cell has the potential to either remain a stem cell or become another type of cell such as muscle cell, a red blood cell, or brain cell.

Currently, stem cells can be isolated and cultured artificially. These healthy stem cells are infused into the body whereby veins. These healthy stem cells in the body can differentiate into beta cells, a kind of cells which produces insulin. Insulin is a hormone which can regulate blood sugar. New regenerated cells are required to repair damaged pancreas.

It depend on many factors whether stem cells are a permanent solution to diabetes. In some cases, patients get rid of insulin injection and medications after stem cells because they all have a better control of blood sugar and be away from complications. In other cases, dose of insulin will be reduced and blood sugar is stable if patients are with poor control of blood sugar and various complications.

The doctors remind that early and proper treatment is very important. It improves the chance of successful treatment.

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