Treating Stem Cells with Cord Blood Stem Cells

1. After implanted into the body, firstly stem cells homing and subsequently, they move to the damaged pancreas to promote the production of pancreas islet.

2. After stem cells transplant, previous immune network is destroyed and body is going to rebuild a new one, forming a new tolerance and restoring damaged pancreas. Rebuilding immune system include:

The change of T cells

CD4/CD8 change

Increased natural suppressor cells

It is possible to rebuild an immune system and keep immune balanced.

3. When stem cells enter the pancreas, they can differentiate into endothelial cells which stimulate pancreas precursor cells. These precursor cells differentiate into insulin, glicentin, and isle-like cells to promote the growth of endogenous pancreas cells. Implanted cells in the pancreas speed up the proliferation of pancreas cells to lower blood sugar.

4. Improve the immune system. Regulate the internal environment. Reduce the insulin resistance and increase the sensibility to insulin, promote the production of insulin and restore the islet cells.

Therefore, we hold that stem cells can promote the rebirth of endogenous pancreas cells and insulin-producing cells, leading to a increased insulin secretion, promoting the combination of insulin receptor and insulin, reducing insulin resistance. Finally, the goal of treating diabetes is achieved.

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