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First,type I diabetic patients. The etiology of type I diabetes mellitus is because of autoimmune destruction of insulin-producing beta cell of the pancreas, the body cannot produce insulin by itself. In this condition, the diabetic patients have to be treated with insulin therapy.

Second, Part of type II diabetic patients. It refers to those patients who cannot control their condition by oral antidiabetic drugs. The pharmacology of antidiabetic drugs is to stimulate the pancreas to secrete insulin, like sulfonylureas (Glybenclamide, Diamicron, Minidiab and Glurenorm,etc.). The peak is 6 tablets before, which means, if the dosage is over 6 tablets, the patients need to inject insulin. But nowadays we consider 3 tablets as the peak, diabetic patients need to inject insulin if their oral medication is over 3 tablets. Decrease the peak to 3 tablets is to protect the rest function of the pancreas.

Another kind need to receive insulin therapy are those diabetic patients suffer from severe complication or other diseases. For example, diabetic patients with kidney diseases like renal inadequacy, retinopathy or other serious pathological changes in the body. Another kind is diabetic patients who have pneumonia, heart failure or other endocrine problems. All of these patients need to receive a lifelong insulin injection.

Third, patients need to receive temporal insulin therapy. Such patients have a good control of diabetes by oral medicines. But when they get another disease all of a sudden, like pneumonia, fracture, myocardial infarction or cardiovascular problems, as a reaction of the body to such problems, their glucagons will be secreted a lot and affect the blood glucose level. They need to receive insulin injection to balance the blood glucose and stop it when the glucagons level decrease. This time the patients can back to their oral medication controlling, it will not be affected.

Fourth,gestational diabetic patients. This kind of diabetes was found during pregnancy and the patients should start insulin injection therapy at once. Because during pregnancy, the blood glucose level is very high, if the patients do not receive insulin therapy to decrease the level, the fetus will receive a high sugar supply which stimulates the fetus to secrete insulin to decompose and convert to fat. The fetus will become fat. Therefore, the fat baby may have a high potential to have diabetes and hypertension. Oral antidiabetic drugs are forbid to use because it can lead to hypoglycemia of the fetus which may cause death. Even the fetus is born; he can receive the antidiabetic drugs through breast milk and cause his hypoglycemia. Therefore, the only solution for pregnant women with diabetes is to receive insulin therapy. Insulin only works on the mother’s body, it cannot enter the placenta nor breast milk. So, insulin is considered as the safest solution for pregnancy women with diabetes.

The last are some people who undergo certain emergency operations. Like cholecystectomy, appendectomy and fracture. These operations need to be finished as soon as discovered. We use insulin injection to adjust the blood glucose level to ensure the safety of the operation. After the patient’s state is stable, then the insulin can be stopped.

From this article we can see that, people in some certain condition also need to receive insulin therapy. Nevertheless, we devote to provide helpful information for those who suffering from diabetes mellitus. If you have any comment or question about this article or relative problems, you may contact us.

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