How to Lower Blood Glucose with Stem Cell Ttransplant?

Diagnostic criteria:

  Ⅰ. Having typical symptoms of Diabetes, blood glucose is higher than 11.1mmol/L at any time.

  Ⅱ. When test fasting blood-glucose, blood glucose is higher than 7.8mmol/L twice or more than twice.

  Ⅲ. Fasting blood-glucose is less than 7.8mmol/L, one should be suspected as Diabetic. One should take oral glucose tolerance test, if blood glucose is more than 11.1mmol/L, one should be diagnosed as Diabetes. If no symptoms of Diabetes, another time blood glucose test more than 11.1mmol/L is needed. Blood glucose levels above are the consistence of intravenous plasma glucose.

  Ⅳ. People with serious symptoms and obvious high blood glucose, if levels of blood glucose are higher than index above, he/she should be diagnosed as Diabetes.

  Ⅴ. In stressful condition of acute infection, trauma, surgery and so on, obvious high blood glucose could be detected, but it cannot be diagnosed as Diabetes immediately.

Mechanism of stem cell lowering blood glucose easily:

  Ⅰ. Stem cells could repair pancreas β cells directly, or trigger the pancreas produce new pancreas β cells.

  Ⅱ. Factors produced by stem cell stimulate pancreas β cells to regeneration.

  Ⅲ. In addition, except β cells could produce insulin, there are some insulin secretory cells in other organs (such as intestine insulinotropichormone in intestinal mucosa). By means of repair and regeneration function of these cells, secretion of insulin could be increased, thus lowering blood glucose. After transplantation of stem cells, sensibility of glycoprotein could be enhanced (sensibility of target cell receptor could be enhanced). Combination of insulin receptor and insulin could be promoted, and resistance of insulin could be lowered, so as to get rid of insulin.

Stem cells, as a kind of multi-functional seeds, can differentiate into the necessary cells and function in patient's body. So they can play advantage of self-regeneration, repair damaged cells of patients, lower down blood glucose, provide high quality of cells and organs, and finally treat Diabetes fundamentally.

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