The Procedure of Treating Diabetes with Stem Cell Transplantation

The procedures of treating Diabetes with Stem Cell Transplantation!

After Stem Cells are transplanted into the patients’ body, they will stimulate the growth factor in vessel endothelium, promote its proliferation and create new vessels and improve local microcirculation on , and supply oxygen for damaged kidney and accelerate the procedure of repairing.

1. The Repairing of Stem Cells to Insulin β Cell

(1) Through the stem cells repairing the pancreas islet, it can make pancreas islet create new β cells. (2) By the direct repairing to pancreas β cells, it can make them have the function of secreting insulin. (3) Through the series of factors produced by Stem Cells, pancreas β cells can be stimulated to regenerate.

2. The repairing of Stem Cells to other insulin secretory cells. In human’s body there are also some insulin seceretory cells which have the function of secreting insulin besides pancreas islet β cells. Through stem cells’ repairing and regenerative action on these cells, it can enhance the secretion capacity, thus lowering blood glucose.

3.The curing function of stem cells to insulin resistant. Through the Stem Cell Transplanation, it can increase the repairing function of the insulin receptor on cell membrance and receptor defect of intracellular transport glycoprotein, improve its sensitiveness to insulin stimulating signal, improve the combination of insulin receptor and insulin, improve the bond of transport glycoprotein and glucose, and thereby block-up the resistant function of receptor and receptor insulin.

The above are the procedures of curing diabetes with Stem Cell Transplantation. From the upper content we can see that treating Diabetes with Stem Cell Transplantation is a method which can treat diabetes fundamentally. Stem Cell Transplantation can make the patients with Diabetes recover pancreas function, and be far away from the damage of complication basically.

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