Treatment for Diabetic Patients with Skin Itch

Mr. Zhang, 38 years old caught diabetes 2 years ago without any symptoms except skin itch. He thought his skin itch was caused by dermatitis so he applied Fluonid, but the symptom did not relieve. Later on he went to the hospital and diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. Dermopathy (skin itch is one symptom of dermopathy) is just a complication of diabetes. He heard that diabetes is a life long disease and can hardly be cured, he worried a lot. Soon after he was told that stem cell transplantation can treat diabetes effectively and consequently he visited Hebei Stem Cell Transplantation Center. There he was treated carefully by our experts and discharged one month later. He improved when he returned a visit after 3 months, his blood glucose is normal and stable and no other complications found.

The importance of skin protection for diabetic patients

According to statistical analysis, 30 % diabetic patients are able to get dermopathy. Skin itch is a common reflection of dermopathy and it causes great inconveniences for diabetic patients. The experts from Hebei Stem Cell Transplantation Center point out that diabetic skin itch is a recurrent problem; patients often cannot help to scrath so eczema, dermatitis and pigmentation may appear as a consequent. Skin itch of diabetic patients is caused by inflammation of peripheral nerve ending, bad microcirculation, and increased blood glucose and fungus infection. Besides, diabetic patients sweat a little and they have dry skin, dry skin can cause skin itch.

Diabetic patients may apply some lotion to relieve the dryness of the skin. Additionally, hyperglycemia can disturb and hurt the normal defense system of the body can lead to dermapathy in diabetic patients. In this way, lowering blood glucose and treating diabetes are the root of preventing dermopathy.

What are the damages skin itch causes?

It is dangerous for diabetic patients who have chronic skin itch. If the patient always scratches, wound and ulcer may happen on the skin. The wound is hardly healed for diabetic patients. That diabetic patients with chronic skin itch are easily irritated and annoyed is not good for controlling of blood glucose. Other complication may happen if the patient always being irritated and annoyed.

Above are the treatment for diabetic patients with skin itch and patient need to choose some treatment therapy according to your own condition. The best way to be free from skin itch is treat diabetes thoroughly.

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