Advantages of Treating Diabetes with Stem Cell Transplant

1. Stem cells have self-renewing an ability which means stem cells can regenerate mass of offspring that may have exactly the same characteristics as these original stem cells. In addition, stem cells have the potential of differentiating into functional cells of various tissues. In treating Diabetes, stem cells can differentiating new islet cells and replace the damaged cells to play their role.

2. Stem Cell Transplant does not have any side effects on patients with Diabetes.Stem Cell Transplant is a biotherapy, which does not have any adverse influence patients.

3. Stem Cell Transplant can prevent complications and treat Diabetes fundamentally. It can make patients with Diabetes get rid of the dependence on drugs and improve their life quality. Stem cells can repair the damaged islet tissues and make them back to normal thus decreasing their blood sugar and treating disease fundamentally.

4. Source of stem cells is sufficient. Stem Cell Transplant avoids the matching problems like transfusion. Stem cells can be extracted from embryo, marrow, umbilical cord, placenta and some adult’s cells.

5. Stem Cell Transplant is widely used in treating Diabetes. It has an effect on Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes as well as their complications.

6. People do not have any risk in receiving Stem Cell Transplant and its success rate is a hundred percent. It does not have any harm to patients.

I have introduced you the advantages of Stem Cells Transplant in the above. Here I want to remind that all of the patients with Diabetes should receive treatment as early as possible. Moreover, it is the key to choose correct therapy in treating Diabetes.

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