Exercise Tips for Type 2 Diabetics

1. Diabetics with serious Diabetic Nephropathy should avoid exercises. Exercise increase blood flow volume through kidneys,and urine protein output, aggravating Diabetic Nephropathy.

2. When infection occurs, Diabetics should avoid exercise. Patients are at period of stress at this time and have fluctuating blood sugar. Exercise can make their condition s worse.

3. Diabetics with severe Diabetic retina should avoid exercises. Exercises can speed the pathological changes of fundus as the patients already have abnormal retinal capillary.

4. Diabetics should exercise everyday. Moderate daily exercises cam work miracles. Since exercises can consume energy, which can not only help lose weight, but also enhance the use of sugar. In so doing, the accumulation of glucose in blood would be decreased and blood sugar can be lowered.

5.Exercise after meals. Patients should do exercises half an hour or one hour after meal, as their blood sugar is more stable, fit for exercises.

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