Stem cell transplant to Treat Diabetes

Stem cells have the self-renewing ability, meaning stem cells can regenerate masses of off-springs that may have exactly the same charateristics as the original cells. In addition, stem cells also have the potential of differentiating into various functional cells.

Stem cells are extracted from blood, bone marrow and cord blood, then they are separated, purified and amplified, and finally they are injected into the human body through vein and artery. In the case of stem cell transplant for Diabetes, stem cells can differentiate into islet cells in the pancreas micro-environment, replacing the damaged insulin βcells, thus Diabetes can be eradicated.

The Treatment Mechanism of Stem Cells Treating Diabetes

1. Insulin βcell is the major cell secreted by human insulin. Stem cell can make insulin produce new insulin β cells by repairing insulin; reactivate the function of secreting insulin by directly repairing the insulinβ cells. And the stem cell factors can stimulate the cytothesis ofβcell.

2. In human body, apart from insulinβcells, there are other organs and tissues that have cells secreting insulin. Through repairing and regenerating these cells by stem cells, insulin secretion of insulin would be boosted, which can lower the blood sugar.

3. After stem cell transplant, the sensitivity of glycoprotein in cells can be enhanced, which facilitates the intergration between insulin receptor and insulin, reducing insulin resistence.

Traditionally, there are pancreas transplantation and islet cells transplantation, but they share the same problems: lack of donor and immune rejection. At the same time, traditional treatment demands that patients should monitor blood sugar all the time, and take glucose-lowering drugs with them. What’s more, they have to worry about hypoglycemic reaction or acidosis. However, stem cell transplant can repair islet cells, getting insulin function back to normal and treating Diabetes from the roots. Compared to traditional treatment methods, its advantages are as follows:

1.It treats Diabetes fundamentally and prevent complications

2.It does not require long-term medication, having no side-effects.

3.It makes patients get rid of medications, and improve their quality of life; thus it has a high value for money.

4.Complications like high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, Diabetic Nephropathy and nervous system impairment can be improved.

5 The patients’ immunity can be repaired and various physical signs can be improved significantly.

By stem cells transplant, sugar metabolism system can be rebuilt in human body.

At present, stem cell transplant for Diabetes is a cutting-edge treatment technology in the whole world. On April, 14th, 2009, The Journal Of The American Medical Association (JAMA)published a new research results conducted by Brazil on the latest method to Diabetes-“stem cell transplant” : after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, 23 newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes patients’ C-Peptide increased substantially , most of whom freed themselves from insulin independence successfully.

In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, Hebei Province, China, we possess the most advanced stem cell laboratory in the world, and we use UCBSC to treat Diabetes. A great many Diabetics, both from China and other nations, have stopped using insulin after stem cell transplant in our hospital, and lead a good life.

We care about your health and happiness and if you still have questions , feel free to contact us.Our experts will be online, ready to give you specialized treatment scheme based on your specific condition. We will do whatever we can to help you.

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