Can Stem Cell Cure Diabetes?

What is stem cell?

Stem cell is a kind of pluripotency cells which can self-replicate. In certain conditions, it can differentiate to various functional cells. Having a latent function that can regenerate all kinds of tissue organs, stem cell is called “multi-purpose cell” in medicine. Study state clearly, older you are, less number of stem cells you have. In embryo of 4-12 weeks, there are stem cells of the largest quantity and best quality. At present, our country is in the leading position of stem cell transplantation treating blood disease.

Prospect of Stem Cell Transplantation in treating Diabetic Disease

Medical reports said that there is a new therapy which is expected to cure Diabetes—it is Stem Cell Transplantation. Stem Cell Transplantation, isn’t unknown therapy, has became one of study hotspots among advanced global Diabetic treatments. At the beginning of this year, the American President Obama had approved Stem Cell Therapy trial on human, thus pushing study and applying of human stem cell to a new upsurge. Stem Cell Therapy and repairing medical are also a part of new high-tech organism field. In China, investment in stem cell is increasing, and we hope this technology to be one of the leaders in the application field.

Stem Cell Therapy has a lot of superiorities. Side effects of pharmacotherapy and risk of operation have been conquered by stem cell. Then, could Stem Cell Therapy cure Diabetes? According to introduction by a medical expert, present medical science couldn’t cure Diabetes, but pharmacotherapy and operation have certain effect. Compared with stem cell which is developed lately, their therapeutic effect is far from satisfied. Stem Cell Therapy could treat Diabetes according to its pathogeny, and repair patients’ damaged cells, thus achieving the best therapeutic effect. Stem cell therapy is the most advanced therapy, and it is expected to be the treatment which can cure Diabetes.

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