Latest Treatment for Diabetes with Stem Cell Transplant

Stem Cell Transplant is a new but effective way of treating Diabetes. Stem Cell Transplant technology has remarkable effects in many fields like Diabetes, kidney diseases, blood disease and cancer etc. With the continuous development of medical technology in China, Stem Cell Transplant has been successfully applied clinically.

Diabetes Mellitus is caused by the decline of islet cells’ function or by the absolute or relative shortage of insulin secretion due to insulin resistance.

Traditional treatment for Diabetes is to take some oral hypoglyceimic agents or insulin to make the blood sugar under control. With Diabetes go on developing, the dose of medicines or insulin will be increased gradually.

  Stem cell is the best seed cell to repair the islet cell with its unique biological characteristics, that is, strong self- updating ability and multi-directional differentiation potentials, which provide a brand new way to clinical treatment of diabetes. For the Diabetics, psychological and fine individualized nutrition guidance are necessary besides the specialized medical care and the following detection in order to improve the patients’ correct cognition of the Stem Cell Transplant treatment, which are used to reduce patients’ psychological pressure, invigorate health and make them regain their health after operation as soon as possible.

Stem Cell Transplantation treatment

Stem cell repairs pancreas islet β-cells;

The pancreas islet can produce new β-cells by repairing the pancreas islet;

It can make insulin have the secreting function by the direct reparation of pancreas islet;

The mediators produced by stem cell can stimulate the reproduction of pancreas islet β-cell.

Stem cell to the repair of other insulin-producing cells

Pancreas islet cell can secrete the insulin, and other organs and tissues also have insulin-producing cells which have the same function. The repair and reproduction of those cells by the stem cells can increase the insulin secretion so as to regulate blood sugar level.

The function of stem cell to the insulin resistance

The Stem Cell Transplantation can increase the intracellular transferring glycoprotein sensitivity, promote the combination of insulin receptor and insulin and also reduce the insulin resistance function (mainly aims at Type 2 Diabetes).

Stem Cell Transplantation is a new way of treating Diabetes Mellitus. Stem Cell Transplantation can not only repair the pancreas islet and make it reproduce the pancreas islet cell, but also repair the pancreas islet cell once damaged or lost its function. It makes the body adjust the glycometabolism normally, inhibit glucose rising trend and reduce blood sugar index, which equals the construction of the insulin secretion so as to treat Diabetes Mellitus, improve clinical symptom, and restore islet function. It can also make exogenous insulin dose significantly reduced and blood sugar well controlled.

Thereby, for Diabetics, if you are troubled by the strict diet, or the diabetic retinopathy, or diabetic foot etc. and you want to have a much happier, easier and high-quality life, you can choose the direction of your life. Have a timely treatment, and may all diabetics have a bright future. Stem Cell transplant is a promising project in human diseases. We all hope Stem Cell transplant can create as many miracles as possible for human.

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