Treatment of Diabetes with Stem Cell

Stem Cell Transplantation can be used in treatment of Diabetes. After extracting, cultivating, transplantation of Somatic Stem Cell, it can get a highly effective treatment of Diabetes.


Ⅰ. Repair of pancreas βcells with Stem Cell

After repair of pancreas with Stem Cell, pancreas can produce new pancreas βcells. After repair of pancreasβcells directly, make pancreasβcells has the function of insulin secretion. By factors produced by Stem Cells, pancreasβcells could be stimulated to regenerate.

Ⅱ. Repair of other insulin secretion cells with Stem Cells

Besides pancreas βcells can secrete insulin in vivo, there are insulin secretion cells which can secrete insulin in other organs or tissues. By the function of repairing and rebuilding these cells with Stem Cells, secretion of insulin in vivo can be increased, and blood glucose can be lowered down.

Ⅲ. Insulin resistance of Stem Cell

By Stem Cell Transplantation, sensibility of intracellular glycoprotein can be increased, combination of insulin receptor and insulin can be promoted, and insulin resistance can be lowered down. (mainly aim at type Ⅱ Diabetes)

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