The Latest Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus with Stem Cell Transplant

Stem Cell Transplant is a characteristic therapy in our hospital to treat Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes by repairing the damaged pancreas. This brand new therapy has overcomed the two tough questions which are: limited supply of pancreas and immunological rejection.

Stem Cells are transfused into diabetics and go directly to the damaged pancreas because of their homing ability. There they would be differentiated into beta cells so that the defunct pancreases can essentially regrow. The repaired pancreases will secrete more insulin to control the high level of blood sugar. Additionally, it can effectively avoid the complications of Diabetes.

The mechanism of Stem Cells in treating Diabetes

1. The repair of beta cells

Beta cells are the main cells that secrete insulin. The growth factors of stem cells can activate the regenerate of beta cells

2. The repair of other cells which can secrete insulin

Besides pancreatic beta cells, there are still some cells in other organs can secrete insulin. Stem cells can repair and regenerate these cells to increase the total amount of insulin.

3. Solve the problem of insulin resistance

Stem cells can increase the sensitivity of transforming glycoprotein, which can promote the combination of insulin receptor and insulin and decrease the resistance of insulin.

What result can patients get after Stem Cell Transplant?

1. The symptoms like excessive thirst, fatigue, frequent urine, weight loss and so on will have an obvious alleviation and even disappear.

2. High blood pressure, Hyperlipidemia, Kidney damage, and other nervous system damages will be controlled significantly.

3. Stem Cells have no side effects.

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