Singles’ Day, What is the Best Present for Young Diabetics

It is no news that Diabetes is life threatening and rather suffering. Diabetes, known as a silent killer, is attacking more and more youngesters. Diabetes itself is not so dangerous, instead, the risk of Diabetes lies in its multiple complications, of which diabetic retinopathy, diabetic kidney disease, diabetic neurological disorders rank the top. With concern of all the complications, the lifespan for Diabetics can be cut off for at least ten years.

For young Diabetics, living with the disease is rather embarrassing and suffering. There is nothing more treasurable than controlling the disease well. With regard to this, seeking for a new and effective therapy is all we can do. Here in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease hospital, Stem Cell transplantation is a preferable, safe, and convenient way to reverse insulin resistance in young Diabetics .

Stem cells, just like seeds, can differentiate into various functional tissues, repairing and regenerating new cells due to their strong unlimited proliferation, multiple-differentiation and self-replication potentials.

After entering the body with intravenous infusion, stem cells can regenerate masses of daughters of cells that may have exactly the same characteristics as the original cells. With homing abilities, stem cells can repair damaged islet cells and reproduce new cells so as to improve and change high blood glucose state. Hence the amount of insulin can gradually drop down so Diabetics can lead a much healthier life without worrying about onset of its complications.

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