Benefits of Stem Cells in Treating Diabetes

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are unspecialized cells which are capable of self-renewal and differentiation. Stem cells can divide new functional cells and differentiate into desired cells. As the stem cell research develops, they can be cultivated artificially in the laboratory. Under the right condition in the body, stem cells can move to the damaged tissue and divide new cells or differentiate into desired type of cells to replace the damage cells so that the goal of restoring tissue is achieved.

The benefit of stem cells in treating diabetes

Firstly, it has enough source of treating material. Secondly, stem cell treatment is safe with less or even no toxicity. Thirdly, stem cells have a wide application range. This treatment can be used even mechanism of this disease is not known. Besides, stem cells are the best carrier of immunotherapy and gene therapy

Besides islet β cell can secret insulin, other organs and tissues also have insulin-producing cells. Furthermore, they have the function of secreting insulin. Through stem cell repairing and regenerating these cells, it can enhance the secretion of insulin, then lower blood sugar. Stem Cells Transplantation can also increase sensibility of shipped glycoprotein in the cell, promote combination of islet receptor and insulin, and decrease the insulin function of resisting. What’s more, Stem cells can also repair islet β cell. Through repairing islet, islet can generate new islet β cell.

Stem cells have been used to treat diabetes and they have good effects on diabetes. If you are interested in this new treatment, you can consult our experts online or you can send email to me. We are glad to help you! Email: [email protected]

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