How to Find A Good Treatment for Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes more occurs in the young people, lack of the enough insulin, which mainly rely on the insulin to maintain the life.

This kind of disease suffer suddenly, patients can present drink more, urine more, weight lost in a few days. Parents should pay more attention to children who has enuresis and thin. The character of Type 1 Diabetes on the infant is enuresis, patients always neglect the symptoms of more drink and more urine, until the occurrence of ketoacidosis, and then they visit the doctors.

Type 2 Diabetes

Insulin is the only hormone to lower down the blood sugar in the human body, which is secreted by the islet βcells.

Insulin Resistance (IR) means the susceptibility for the around tissues has reduced, such as the Peripheral tissues like muscle, fat, etc. They present the resistance for the absorption, transformation, utilization of glucose.

In Clinical observation, Type 2 Diabetes patients present the IR, and reach to 90%. Diabetes can lead to infection, heart damage, cerebrovascular accident, Kidney Failure, blindness of both eyes, gangreneoflowerlimb etc. The acute complications of Diabetes is Diabetes high permeability syndrome, in the early stage, the patients can present more drink, more urine, fatigue, lags in response etc, with the development of illness condition, patients present drowsiness, disorientation, epileptiform convulsion, hemiplegia, even coma.

In a word, no matter Type 1 Diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes, the insulin is not enough or totally not works, so the blood sugar will not in the normal level. The main treatment for Type is to solve the problem of insulin. Isletβcells can generate insulin in the human body, so if more new healthy islet βcells exist in the human body, the blood sugar has the chance to maintain in the normal level. With the development of medical technology, stem cells can generate new cells to produce new islet βcells in the human body. This is the new treatment for Diabetes.

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