Automatic Blood Gas Analyzer

Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital has imported an Automatic Blood Gas Analyzer from America. This equipment can report 19 parameters once: PH value, partial pressure of carbon dioxide (PCO2), partial pressure of oxygen (PO2), saturation level of oxygen (SO2%), HCT, ABC Actual Bicarbonate Radical (HCO3), standard bicarbonate radical (SBC), total carbon dioxide (TCO2), buffer excess in blood (BEblood), buffer excess in extracellular fluid (BEecf), alveolar oxygen (A), alveolar oxygen ratio in artery (a/A), alveolar arterial oxygen gradient (A-aDO2), oxicity (O2ct), partial pressure of oxygen at 50% oxygen saturation level (P50), respiratory index (RY), physiological shunt (QSP/Qt), oxygen capacity (O2Cap), hemoglobin volume (Hbc).

Except accuracy, fast and trace function, this equipment also has the following advantages that other equipments don’t have.

1. With accurate and convenient calibration model—liquid calibration rather than standard gas calibration.

2. With thorough build-in and external quality control systems.

3. With brand new designed microelectrode: microelectrode has a longer longevity, less specimen quantity and shorter testing time.

4. With advanced channel washing system: it guarantee that there is little breakdown in the channel and there is no need to clean every day.

5. With more testing items: it can test saturation level of oxygen (SO2%), HCT/HB. It can also test BD hemoglobin when connected with oximeter.

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