Equipment Display of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital: Cobas 6000

equipment display of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital,Roches Cobas 6000Roches Cobas 6000 is an analyze system similar to Modular. It was designed by Roches and prodeced by HITACHI Manufacture.

This equipment consists of many partsw. C501 is the modularization of biochemistry and electrolyte analyzing system and its shade selection section is similar to Hitachi 7180, the biochemistry section is the latest Hitachi 9000, and the reagent section is similar to Roches I800. The reagent section uses Roches reagent containing box and 10 open passages. Besides, it introduced some new technology, for example, ultrasonic techniques in mixing.

E601 is the immunity modular which similar to E170. COBAS6000 is a modular system can attach one or more biochemistry modulars or immunity modulars at the same time. Cobas 6000 can attach to biochemistry modular and immunity modular at the same time but it works orderly. If a test requires both biochemistry and immunity analysis, it will starts from biochemistry part and then to the immunity part. Cobas 6000 is not a carrier of pollution.

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