Expert: Dai Shaofu

Specialty: Chinese medicine

Professional field: Renal insufficiency, Renal failure, Nephritis, Uremia and Diabetic Nephropathy etc.


Dai Shaofu, chief physician of Nephrology, major in Chinese medicine. After working in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital for about ten years, he has always been engaged in the clinical treatment and research of nephropathy and has accumulated rich clinical experience. He summarized the clinical treatment method of treating uremia by combination therapy of Chinese medicine and western medicine which on the basis of the theory of renal fibrosis.

With the help of this treatment method, hundreds of Renal Failure patients undergoing dialysis achieve significant prognosis. He is one of the youngest expert in our hospital.

Since Mr. Dai came to our hospital, he developed a deep research on treating Uremia on the basis of Renal Fibrosis theory and many Uremia patients has gained excellent effect due to his distinctive treatment which refers to using western medicine to support Chinese Medicine Treatment.


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