Diabetes- A Disease That Threatens Our Lives

I have a family history of Diabetes, my father, brother, and two nephews are all Diabetes. When my father died, i didn't notice the severity of Diabetes, and even never thought that Diabetes was the death cause of my father. While the death of my brother brought me to think a lot. I know if i just leave Diabetes as it is now, i will be the next one.

I have using insulin to control my blood sugar, and the blood sugar was controlled at 7mmol/l of the fasting blood sugar, with PBG 8-9mmol/l. Sometimes it rise higher but most of the time i have it under control. While recently, i was sent into emergency because of coma caused by hypoglycemia. And after some transfusion of glucose, i got of the danger. And the doctor told me that my creatinine and urea is also higher than the normal, which means that i have kidney problems. I said to the doctor that i don't want to do dialysis as my father. It is a torture and nightmare to me.

That's why i am searching some newest treatments for Diabetes. And i hope to slow down the progress of my Diabetes, and let me avoid dialysis. I heard stem cell therapy has treated many diabetes patients, and they all get some improvements in controlling the blood sugar. And some of them even get rid of insulin injection. That gave me confidence and i want to prevent my Diabetes developing into Kidney Failure.

For now, after i have twice stem cell transplant, my insulin injection dose has been reduced, and i can feel that my condition is improving hopefully. Just want to share my story with all the Diabetics, so as to arouse their attention and take any treatments not just waiting for the coming of dialysis, kidney transplant. We should be the active ones to defeat Diabetes.

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