A New Zealander Recovers in Our Hospital

Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital has become an international hospital after more than 20 years' development. In our hospital, there are inpatients from America, India, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, etc. Our doctors and nurses give best service and treatment, and they receive satisfactory effect. This is a case from a patients from New Zealand.

Name: Mr Green( we do not tell the true name and treat it as a privacy)

Age: 46

Diagnosis: IgA nephritis

Arriving at our hospital: the 30th of May.

Plan to leave on the first of June.

Medical history:

In 2007, Mr Green caught a cold. He felt sick and then went to see a doctor in a local hospital. He was suggested to have examinations on blood pressure, blood test, and urine test. The blood pressure report said that his blood pressure was high. The urine test said he had proteinuria. The blood test said the renal function was down. And then, he had a biopsy in kidney. All the above-mentioned tests made the doctor got a conclusion that he had got IgA nephritis.

Mr Green said he followed local doctor's advice and received treatment. To our disappointment, the effect was not obvious. So he continued to seek for better treatment. One day, when he was suffering on the Internet, he happened to find Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, China and was interested in the characteristic treatment Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which can treat his disease and has no side effects. And now he is receiving our characteristic treatment in our hospital.

Every day, he received Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotharepay for 45 minutes. And during this month, he received Stem Cell Transplantation twice. He feels that he really improves a lot after treating in our hospital. Before treating in our hospital, his proteinuria was++, occult blood was+, serum creatinine was 438umol/L, BUN was 27.2mmol/L, UPQ in 24 hours: 3.37/ 24 hours. Uric acid was 623 umol/L.

To our joy, after treating in our hospital, his proteinuria is +-, occult blood is negative, serum creatinine is 300 umol/L, BUN is 23.5 mmol/L, UPQ in 24 hours is 1.43 / 24 hours. Uric acid is 457 Uric acid.

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