Sino-American Diabetes & Kidney Disease Hosted by Northwestern American University and Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

During this 5-day travel to China, experts from China and American is going to deeply discuss the development, breakthrough of treatment of diabetes and kidney disease, and difference of diabetes and kidney disease present condition between China and American. Rucha J Mehta, Director of Research Western Diabetes Institute gives a lecture on Update on Diabetes Management Practical Application of the DXDI. Edward Barnes, director of renal services, Western Diabetes Institute mainly talk about DXDI: a common language for a complex disease- a Renal Perspective Andrew S. Pumerantz, executive director of Western Diabetes Institute gives a lecture on Reorganizing and Empowering Cross-Disciplinary Teams to Deliver High-Value Across the Full Cycle of Care

Besides the lectures given by American experts, Chinese experts on diabetes also share their achievement on diabetes and kidney disease.

In the later days, Sino-American experts will communicate about the research of diabetes and kidney disease treatment. American experts accompanied by Mr Cao, the present of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital visit our hospital and learn the treat kidney disease and diabetes treatment which are different from that in America.

It is respected that international communication similar to this will be held more to contribute to the diabetes and Kidney disease treatment. The two sides also hope they can cooperate more in the future.

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