Tips for Kidney Disease Sufferers in Earthquake

The patients need to grab the vital documents in a hurry and keep them in a safe place that will be easy to reach when you need it like a nightstand, dresser drawer, or kitchen cupboard. These vital documents includes healthy history, meds list, recent lad best results, and advance directive. In this way, you may be treated easily.

After the earthquake, some dialysis units near your location have to close for several days due to damage to the dialysis facilities. For people who need dialysis, they can do home peritoneal dialysis to survive in the special time. You need to have 5 cases of solution, masks, hand sanitizer and extra batteries for your blood pressure monitor.

You need to have food for the emergency dialysis meal plan that do not have to be cooked or kept cold. Coast guard approved food bars have calories with very little salt, and a 3-day bar costs less than $4, The bars will keep for 5 years. Talk to your dietitian. These bars would be boring to eat for days on end, but, may be a good way to have a back up food supply that is safe for you with no dialysis.

Keeping touch with loved one is a method to tell them your condition. If you can not leave your home, charge your cell phone while you have power, in case it goes out later. If there is a signal, call loved ones and they can tell others that you are okay-or pass along a message about what you need.

The above are some tips for chronic kidney disease sufferers in earthquake. Hope it is helpful.

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