Q:Can Patients with Diabetes Take Part in Normal Work

1. Working offers opportunity for patients with Diabetes to contribute to society and make them feel that they are not worthless to the society, which can help to rebuilt their confidence in work and in life;

2.By working patients can get more chances to communicate with others, offer more funs in their life and keep a happy living state;

3. Diabetic patients can get more exercise through working, which is beneficial for the reduction of blood sugar and body weight;

4.Working can help the patients to get a salary so as to reduce pressure for the family.

However, remember that patients with Diabetes are not healthy enough to do heavy work. They should do jobs suitable for themselves and avoid dangerous environment, aloft work and other irregular jobs. Moreover, combine work with rest.

In addition, based on your body weight and daily activity intensity, calculate daily calory intake amount and the exact daily intake amount for different foods.

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