Q: My Uncle’s creatinine level is 11.84; what is the chance of survival

A: According to your description, what your uncle get is Diabetic Nephroapathy, a kidney disease secondary to Diabetes. His creatinine level is so high, the general range is 0.9-1.3mg/dL, which can be different slightly in different countries. so has to take dialysis to help him discharge the wastes in his body. However, dialysis can not repair his damaged kidneys. On the basis of dialysis, your uncle needs to receive treatment as early as possible. If proper treatment is received, he may reduce his frequency of dialysis and prolong his life expectancy.

What is more, he should pay attention to his diet, which is an important factor which can greatly influence the condition. You can click here to know more. How to get rid of dialysis? The Dietary Suggestions for Patients with Diabetic Kidney Disease(Diabetic Nephropathy)

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