My father has Diabetic Nephropathy, what foods would he be able to eat

If the renal function is normal in early stage of Diabetic Nephropathy, the patients can take high quality protein (animal protein) 0.8G/KG a day. Patients with Renal failure in end stage should take high quality protein 0.5G/KG. It is advisable to have a low but high quality protein diet. Milk protein is better. Eggs are the second choice. And then fish and lean meat Vegetable protein such as protein in bean products is not suggested.

In addition, patients with DN are always complicated with high blood pressure, edema and heart failure in end stage. Therefore low salt diet is suggested.

Low phosphorous diet: say no to animal viscera.

It is important to take more vitamin and fibrin. Eat more grains and vegetables.

Diet of Diabetic Nephropathy should be paid more attention to, but it is not enough. More daily health care of Diabetic Nephropathy is needed.

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