What are causes of poor sleep in people with Type 2 Diabetes?

Firstly, Cerebral arteriosclerosis often presents on people with Type 2 Diabetes, which will result in hypoxia of brain cell. Then respiratory center is damaged which will take a further effect on the respiratory function and brainstem damage relative to throat movement.

Secondly, Obesity may lead to an over-large neck size which can cause overmuch fat accumulating behind the upper-airway wall. Then the upper-airway becomes narrower and results in presence of sleep apnea syndrome.

Finally, Both the microvascular pathological change and peripheral nervous lesion cause by Diabetes lead to muscular movement incoordination of the upper-airway and pharynx, which together with muscle relaxation cause the sleep apnea syndrome.

Contents above are analyses that how Type 2 Diabetes causes patients’ lack of sleep. According to experts’ suggestion, it is necessary for you to receive timely treatment once you detect symptoms above. Experts in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital recommend the characteristic treatment— Immunotherapyation.

Immunotherapy are primitive cells with self-renew and multi- differentiation abilities. As organism’s original cells, they form original cells of various tissues and organs. Under certain condition, they can differentiate diversified functional or tissues organs. Immunotherapy treatment refers to introducing new cells into patients’ body to repair damages cells or rebuilt normal function cells and tissues. So Immunotherapy can repair damaged pancreas β cell and renew renal function of secrete insulin normally.

Immunotherapyation can effectively treat Diabetes and Complications, which is the most advanced treatment so far. If you want to know detailed information, please consult our online experts.

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