What Should Type 2 Diabetics Do, When Protein Leaks into the Urine

Diabetes and kidney damage

Kidneys are very important organs which remove wastes and fluid out of the blood and meanwhile keep vital substances in the body. But long term high blood sugar increases the blood flow through kidneys so that kidneys have to work more harder. If high blood sugar persists for a long time, permanent damage to kidneys occurs. As a result, the protein is filtered into the urine.

Protein in the urine is the early sign of kidney disease caused by diabetes, also called diabetic nephropathy.

What to do when the protein in the urine occurs?

Go to see a kidney doctor as soon as possible because early treatment can increase the chances of successful treatment. Your doctor will prescribe some medicines to stop the progress and kidney disease and protect your kidneys.

Diet change is also necessary for people. Low protein diet is good to patients. Take in foods rich in high-quality protein such as lean, fish, milk etc. You can ask your doctor to guideline your diet or consult a dietitian who will make a diet plan for you.

As long as the protein occurs in the urine, take it seriously. If untreated, kidney disease may lead to renal failure soon. In that stage, it is impossible to reverse kidney damage.

Thus, in the early stage, patients need to seek treatment and stop it developing.

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